Virtual Construction: Need of the Hour for all the Projects

It's very evident from the past and current practices that construction industry is the slowest in adopting technologies, especially in Indian context. Largely, the way we do construction today is not much different from what it used to be 25 years ago. There could be number of reasons for the same; lack of need, lack of innovations, suitability of an innovation for local conditions, no cost advantage, lack of awareness, resistance to change etc.

Why it's important now to use technology in construction? The speed with which construction is happening all around India, it's almost compulsory to adopt new innovations and technology driven practices to ensure cost optimization, high quality standards and timely completion of the projects and, most importantly reduction in wastage of available limited resources used in construction. Otherwise it can be a big catastrophe which is already being evident in all the projects started in last 10 years. Majority of the projects are delayed, have overshot the estimated budget, and have faced plenty of quality related complaints.

A tool for virtual construction has been a major breakthrough in construction industry in recent times. It provides a lot of advantage to all the parties involved in a project; whether they are project owners, investors, consultants, contractors, vendors or end users. As the name suggest, virtual construction is nothing but doing the complete construction of the project in a computer, incorporating all the material and information, in the same way as it would be done in reality on the ground. Now it's very easy to understand that once this kind of virtually constructed model is available, majority of the problems that one might face during construction would be sorted out in advance, which will definitely result in substantial saving in terms of time and cost. And, this is just one of the advantage, some of the other benefits are:

  • Exact bill of quantities estimation
  • Well-coordinated & clash free shop drawing production for construction
  • Automated input to CNC machines
  • Project monitoring in terms of cost & time

Every new technology has its own challenges and it evolves with time, virtual construction is no different. It has evolved a lot since its inception and proved its usefulness. Now it's a responsibility of all the stakeholders and parties involved in a project to push the technology in construction sector for greater good of the society.

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