The Great Indian BIM Compromise

The perception of BIM in most of Middle East & India is very skewed. Consultants do BIM to suit their "design" purposes only. Contractors get BIM done because of contractual necessities, most of the times. The most crucial benefits of VDC, collaboration and multi-dimensional contribution, is lost in this process. There are some Project Owners/Developers who are taking responsibility of BIM collaboration, however, in the attempt to ascertain the "tangible" benefits of BIM, half the time they end up doing some kind of "compromise" and end up with a half-cooked product. Most of the BIM happening in India end up to be static models for clash detection. Zero model-based analyses. However, some new Developers are slowly realizing the control they can have of their project via a proper BIM involvement; especially for building function and quantities. I hope this perception change catches momentum soon.

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