Technology Integration

Technology Integration Engineering is a pressing business need to utilize the existing TIE investments along with implementing new technologies to reduce data redundancy. Integration helps in increasing efficiency, productivity and imbibing a collaborative environment. TIE applications start talking to each other and share data and information seamlessly.

Domain and technical expertise of Intec helps in developing interfacing application related to GIS, BIM, Project Management, Web Enablement, Open Source implementations, etc.

Services include:

  • Cross platform data Integration & communication
  • Adding modular software functionality to existing platform
  • Pulling and pushing data between new and old databases
  • Dashboard reporting data from various sources
  • Tools / Application development within parent platforms

Application Development

Data, however good may be, is dumb unless accessed and presented through applications. Our application development team is experienced in Web Mapping Services, Client-Server applications using all leading industry platforms, programming languages and databases including open sources.

Our approach is to provide applications and solutions that are powerful, yet easy to maintain and enhance once delivered. We create applications that can even access distributed data from a central location through the art of interactive and user friendly interfaces.

All our applications can be tailored to your specific needs, IT implementation environments and preferences.

Our application development services include:
  • Platform and technology selection for GIS applications, GIS integration with MIS and ERP applications
  • Application Design and Development including GUI design
  • Application Testing for performance and security
  • Implementation support
  • Application maintenance and enhancement

Web Enabling of GIS Software Applications

Clients demand an easier way to use and maintain their business applications and web-technology offers such advantages and many software product companies are migrating their applications to web technology. GIS data size and online geographic validations offer some challenge for GIS applications to adopt web technology but Intec has right mix of experience and exposure on varied platforms and development tools which assist in offering software services related to web enabling of GIS applications.

Software Integration

Software Integration is a business computing term for the plans, methods, and tools aimed at modernizing, consolidating, and coordinating the computer applications in an enterprise. Typically, an enterprise has existing legacy applications and databases and wants to continue to use them while adding or migrating to a new set of applications that exploit the GIS, Internet, e-commerce, extranet, and other new technologies. Software Integration may involve developing a new view of an enterprise's business and its applications, seeing how existing applications fit into the new view, and then devising ways to efficiently reuse what already exists while adding new applications and data. Regarding integration,

Intec encompasses services like:
  • Cross platform program communication
  • Adding modular software functionality to existing applications
  • Pulling and pushing data between new and old databases
  • The modification of enterprise resource planning (ERP) to fit new objectives, enterprise-wide content and data etc.

Revit Tools and Utilities

RoboRevit reads an ACAD file and "auto-creates" a model in Revit. It places all the families in their "exact" locations in the file. This helps enhance modeling efficiency to a great extent

Robo Ravit BIM

The tool deletes elements which are perfectly overlapping each other. Often a warning is faced in Revit "There are identical instances in the same place. This will result in double counting in schedules." The tool helps in dealing with this warning.

Usage: The user has to just click DuplicateRemover which can be found under IntecInfra Menu.

Duplicate Remover


Duplicate Remover

LinkScheduler is a Revit plug-in which places the name/path of the Linked Docs in all the sheets in the current project. The user has the option to place the Text mentioning Linked Docs/ Models in all the sheets or selected sheets. Running this tool will display a form with a list of all the sheets in the project. In the UI itself the user can specify whether to place links in all the sheets or a few selected ones.




Imagine a large number of pipes running in a close vicinity, where space has to be provided between them on the basis of multiplier of nearest pipe's diameter. Sounds like a humongous task to be done manually. Revit has inbuilt function which can place pipes or other elements but only at equal distances between them. Intec has automated this requirement and developed an utility which takes the nearest pipe's diameter multiplied by "x" and provides space between the pipes below it; then it takes the second and the third pipe and so on.

Pipe Spacer

This Revit plug-in places the Sprinklers on all open ended pipes.

Pipe Spacer


Pipe Spacer

This utility schedules the locations of all the beams, columns and foundations.

Structural Coordinates Scheduler  before


Structural Coordinates Scheduler  after

This Revit plug-in adds a parameter to all the doors, specifying its direction; whether it is Left Hand Open, Right Hand Open or Double. This is a very important functionality which is not available in the current versions of Revit.

DoorSwinger before


DoorSwinger before

Tagger creates labels for pipes, based on the invert elevation minus or plus the value as specified in the input file. If it is a negative value, the label value is invert elevation minus the value and vice versa.

tagger before


tagger before

This add-in deletes all the imported cads leaving only the linked cad.

Cad ImportsDelete before


Cad ImportsDelete after

This add-in allows the user to select a single , few or all filters and deletes them.

FilterEraser before


FilterEraser after

Communication between Intergraph's SP3D and Autodesk Navisworks is limited. Sp3D's files can be imported in Navisworks but the import consists of plain geometry; the import doesn't carry the attributes associated with the geometry. Intec has identified this shortfall and developed an utility with all the below features:

  1. Attribute information is preserved
  2. All elements remain intact
  3. Element Hierarchy is maintained
  4. The Output of tool is a NWC File
Intergraph SP3D to Navisworks – Output


BatchCute is a utility using which multiple sheets can be exported to pdf using cute pdf. The user doesn't need to specify the filename or location for the export process ; nor does he has to click the save button each time a sheet is printed to pdf. The tool provides a UI where the user can select sheet/s to be exported to pdf along with path where these pdf's would be exported.


Using this Revit plug-in the user can rename all the family instances at a single go.


This utility generates unique mark values for all the elements in the project.