Manufacturing Homes: Technology and Process

The kind of demand India has Today for homes, it is not possible to meet that demand by 2022 by constructing homes, but by manufacturing homes.

There is a great amount of need that the way homes are being constructed in India, it should change and a seamless process should be established which can facilitate the manufacturing of homes. Why manufacturing of homes is important, why existing construction practices are not helpful, why some usage of technology here and there in the construction process is not sufficient to achieve the aim.

Manufacturing of homes is required to ensure the quality along with desired speed. Existing construction practices has high probability of faltering at quality with increase in speed, which can eventually ruin the whole concept of achieving housing for all by 2022.

There has been quite an advancement in construction industry in terms of usage of technology in design as well as in built. It is often seen that usage of technology for partial project doesn't provide the complete advantage and sometimes even complicates the whole construction process. For housing projects in India, I propose the following, a blend of BIM and precast/prefab technology, as home manufacturing process. This will not only ensure good quality and faster delivery to end users but also will be cost effective, because of the elimination of high amount of uncertainties.

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