Geographic Information System (GIS)

Intec's GIS services group specializes in designing and building high-quality, integrated systems to develop, manage, analyze, and render Spatial information. With the group's background in the infrastructure sector, Intec focuses on GIS services for Utilities such as Power, Water & Transportation sectors. Intec also provides solutions to municipal bodies for e-governance applications.

With success stories ranging from data conversion to database design, planning to implementation; Intec puts power in a GIS solution with effective data and technology integration. Our services group can relate information from different sources, build custom applications to enhance performance and deliver a full spectrum of GIS solution.

GIS Services

  • Consulting
  • Utility Mapping
  • AM/FM/GIS Software & Services
  • Digital Terrain Modeling
  • Remote sensing
  • Parcel Mapping
  • Custom Application Development
  • Data Conversion in GIS/CAD Platforms


  • Consulting
  • Utility Mapping
  • AM/FM/GIS Software & Services
  • Digital Terrain Modeling

Software Coverage

  • Remote sensing
  • Parcel Mapping
  • Custom Application Development
  • Data Conversion in GIS/CAD Platforms

GIS Consulting

Intec provide independent GIS consultancy services for all sizes and types of projects. GIS Consulting services balance custom functionality with the sustainability and scalability necessary for proactive development and the ability to efficiently migrate an existing system, built on older technologies with unique custom components, to a more viable, seamless solution that leverages the latest advances in GIS technology in a cost-effective way.

GIS consulting for projects involves services:

  • Analyzing mapping requirement
  • Preparing project plan
  • Preparing tender documents
  • Execute contracting process
  • Monitor project progress

Utility Mapping

Utilities inherently are spread-out geographically over a big area of a city, state, country etc and it's a challenge to plan, develop and maintain the associated assets and infrastructure which are in a form of connected networks. Geospatial technology assists in simplifying the network by positioning the assets accurately on Maps and thus making it easier to identify and manage with ground truth visibility.

Accurate and precise network mapping is considered to be an invaluable aid in building, planning, repairing and maintaining all consumers and assets of a Utility. The GIS datasets gets integrated with all proven modeling software tools, ERP and MIS applications, SCADA systems, thus extending the usage of Geospatial technology beyond just mapping.

Intec provides utility mapping in the following fields:
  • Electric
  • Oil and Gas
  • Water
  • Waste Water
  • Storm water
  • Transportation

Golf Mapping

Innovation, Technology and Sport popularity, drove Intec to design and offer a variety of Geospatial solutions to Golfing industry. The usage of Golf course digital vector data in 2D and 3D is being used by players, trainers, course designers & developers, course owners/operators for various purposes.

Intec has proven experience in delivering high quality golf courses datasets using innovative sources and techniques to develop digital golf courses for mobile phones, GPS handhelds and Web applications.

The Greens, Tees, Fairways, Trees and other course hazards captured gives a virtual tour of the golf course to the player for planning their game. These golf course maps when implemented on GPS can be used by the player to play the next shot. The visual representation allows for better communication between course personnel, vendors, insurers and governments agencies establishing accurate area and linear measurements. When geo-referenced and digitized, the base maps provide relatively more accurate course yardage inputs than conventional methods, at a fraction of the cost. Adding elevation measurements and rendering gives an attractive and realistic 3D view of the course with added benefits

Services provided by Intec are:
  • Full course mapping in any GIS format etc.
  • Detailed identification and attribution of features (feature name, position, lat/long values, area, distances)
  • Integrating elevation data and generating 3D Models of the courses
  • Texturing of digital golf course features giving a realistic and artistic look

GIS Remote Sensing Services

Using remotely sensed data means time and cost savings due to a reduction of the need for field data collection. It also allows complex analysis of, for example, land use, terrain and water resource data, that would not be possible through other techniques.

Intec deliver innovative and well-designed solutions using the latest analysis techniques. Our expert team has working experience on different remote sensing projects.

Services provided by Intec are:
  • Land Use Land Cover
  • Automatic Feature Extraction
  • Vegetation Mapping and Management
  • Change Detection/analysis

Landuse and Parcel Mapping

Parcel or Cadastral mapping is one of the basic widespread usages of Geographic Information System (GIS). The benefit of a parcel or cadastral map is that it allows for easy identification of where a property is located relative to public ways and adjacent properties or landbase features. Depending on the need, the detailing and accuracy of the data is defined.

For planners, assessors, and engineers it provides an informative aid in the evaluation of proposed subdivision, compliance to local zoning, expansion of municipal or city utilities, and as a tool for managing the tax assessment process. It can further be used in Location Based navigation applications like point to point routing, locating points of interest, neighborhood applications etc.

Intec's experience with parcel mapping covers:
  • Landuse mapping using Satellite imagery, Toposheets and ground surveys
  • Digitizing parcels and condominiums extents as polygons or points
  • Experience on Best Fit Process, COGO Mapping, Metes and Bounds mapping.
  • Attaching and validating attribute information associated with parcels
  • Creating a seamless parcel database for a county, city, state etc.
  • Realigning parcels datasets on high resolution aerial photographs or Ortho imagery
  • Integration of other land related database with parcel map dataset


Flood Mapping

Floods are probably the most recurring, widespread, disastrous and frequent natural hazards of the earth. Flood Hazard Mapping is a vital component for appropriate land use planning in coastal regions and areas in the vicinity of rivers/ water bodies. It creates easily-read, rapidly-accessible digital maps which facilitate the administrators, planners and insurance companies to identify areas of risk and prioritize their mitigation/ response efforts.

Intec has experience of digitizing and attributing FIRM maps from FEMA and OSGB (Ordinance Survey of Great Britain) and overlaying these on landuse or parcel layers to accurately define the flood zones. Services provided by Intec for flood mapping are:

Services provided by Intec are:
  • Geo referencing of input maps (FIRM or OSGB).
  • Capturing the flooded area extents from the maps.
  • Attributing the concerned information with respect to the areas
  • Overlaying digital flood maps on parcel/ landuse datasets to identify associated flood zones

CAD Conversion

CAD drawings are the most effective way to document technical drawings and related information in an organized manner. CAD combined with GIS enables data to be positioned and analyzed geographically. Intec proudly presents its Engineering Services managed by a team of professionals with excellent experience and exposure in the field, providing services to large AEC companies.

The CAD conversion Services delivered by Intec are handled by experienced and qualified CAD engineers and each converted CAD drawing goes through extensive checks for the conversion accuracy and quality before being delivered. These CAD conversions are not only easily editable but also dimensionally accurate. With the engineering background and support from its group companies, Intec is equipped to extend an intelligent hand for robust and systematic project environment.

The typical services provided by us are:
  • Data conversion from one format to other
  • Data entry with high accuracy
  • Indexing
  • Converting hard copy drawings/maps to digital format
  • Making digital databases from digital/paper data

Some more services that are provided by Intec in CAD conversion are explained in the Engineering Design / BIM section.