BIM Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality enables architects, engineers and construction teams in the AEC Industry to easily transfer 2D/3D data from multiple trades into an immersive 3D visualization experience. As the industry progresses, these teams are already finding uses for the VR technology in their own workflows and striving to make things become more and more 'real'.

Intec provides support to the AEC Industry by creating models within Virtual Reality Environments which can be used to effectively visualize spaces and render models in an immersive environment.

We use 3ds Max in combination with a gaming engine to create Virtual Reality Models based on the standards established by our clients to provide them with real-world experiences of their designs. Our VR solutions allow clients to view 3D models through VR head-mounted displays (HMDs) and conduct walkthroughs of 3D environments, facilitating 360 holistic perspectives of MEP and Architectural models during the design approval process.

Translating BIM models into Virtual Reality experiences requires some form of model optimization. Moreover, a fully interactive VR software has extremely high performance demands. We use this powerful, intuitive and flexible tool to meet all these demands and ensure rapid iteration and fluid workflow, thus allowing engineers and architects to create stunning, interactive walkthroughs and provide clients with a realistic sense of how it would feel like to actually live in the simulated environment.

We can perform additional programming work to make the experience more interactive, enabling our clients to experiment with design options, materials and lighting. Architects/Engineers can flip between design schemes without leaving the VR environment. Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, we can generate amazing graphics in a short amount of time.