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BIM Structural Design Services

Gap in Structural Design and Build: Role of a Structural Consultant

In last a few years there has been a lot of talks in Indian construction industry about designing the buildings earthquake resistant because of some serious earthquake incidents happened in the past and less or no damaging tremors that we are experiencing in some intervals. More and less majority of developers,

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 Precast Concrete Services providers

Adoption of Precast Technology in Residential and Commercial Projects, in India: Why there is no Boom?

With growing demand of affordable housing units at ticket price less than 30 lacs in India, developers are bound to look for alternative construction solution which is cost effective and can mitigate the following existing challenges in a project.

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 BIM Modeling Services Providers

World's First 100% Solar-Powered Airport

Cochin International Airport in the southern Indian state of Kerala became the world's first entirely solar-powered airport on Tuesday, unveiling a new system that will make the airport "absolutely power neutral," according to a statement released by the parent company.

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Structural Detailing Services Providers

Structural Stability of a Building in India: Checks and Balances

Structurally, how safe the building is that you are living in or your neighbors are living in or you are shopping in or you are being medically treated in or your children are studying in? Whose responsibility is this to ensure building structural stability?

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Virtual design and construction via Intec Americas

Virtual Construction: Need of the Hour for all the Projects

It's very evident from the past and current practices that construction industry is the slowest in adopting technologies, especially in Indian context. Largely, the way we do construction today is not much different from what it used to be 25 years ago. There could be number of reasons for the same; lack of need, lack of innovations, suitability of an innovation for local

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BIM Smart Cities via Intec

The 'Unsmart' in smart Cities

Having been exposed to high decibel noise on Smart Cities, I think one has started discerning the Unsmart in Smart here. And trust me this could be just the beginning of it. More, we, as Indians (habituated of dealing with Unsmart), discern it, louder shall be the noise. But there are plenty of reasons to love the idea as this is probably Our about time when we hit the ground and get the smart in us unleashed before the world.

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Model the curved surfaces in Rhino3d

Madness in Curves

Architects and Designers love curves however their favorite tool Revit does not. When it comes to modeling anything that is non-orthogonal or organic, Revit is not so happy. We at Intec Infra often faced with such challenges. We had one such situation while designing and modeling a Villa in Goa, India. The railing in the entrance portico had a curved profile in plan as well as in elevation.

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 BIM Modeling Outsourcing Services

The next level of maturity in BIM calls for Web of Assets

The Built environment that we are part of is always a work in progress. This is probably the most opportune time in recent history of the mankind when we can make the best usage of technology to redefine the way we build, deliver and operate our brick & mortar environment.

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Current state of BIM (Building Information Modeling) adoption across the globe

Here is a composition of various links to gauze current state of BIM adoption across the globe:
BIM mandate in USA:
BIM mandate in UK:

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NBS report on BIM Adoption in UK, Canada, Denmark, Czech Republic and Japan

We asked whether people were aware of BIM. In all countries except one, awareness is over 90%, nearly universal. The exception is the Czech Republic: here awareness is at just over 50%, although we can expect this to rise rapidly, as we have seen in other countries.

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The Great Indian BIM Compromise

The perception of BIM in most of Middle East & India is very skewed. Consultants do BIM to suit their "design" purposes only. Contractors get BIM done because of contractual necessities, most of the times. The most crucial benefits of VDC, collaboration and multi-dimensional contribution, is lost in this process. There are some Project Owners/Developers who are taking responsibility of BIM collaboration, however, in the

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Algorithmic Design using Revit Dynamo

The Dynamo Plugin (for Revit) pushes the boundaries of creative design possibilities using Revit further by providing a Visual Programming Environment in Revit. Architects who love Rhino's Grasshopper plugin will find the relatively new Dynamo Plugin for Revit extremely exciting. We recently used Revit Dynamo ( to generate an Algorithmic Pattern based ceramic frit design for a client at Intec

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