3D Rebar Modelling FAQs

What do we understand with 3D rebar modelling for a project?

It's the modelling of each and every rebar in BIM software as per actual size, shape, length, and location. All the reinforcement is modelled incorporating all the general notes, typical details, laps, constraints etc. which are given in good for construction (GFC) drawings issued by structural consultant.

For any RCC project, why shall 3D rebar modelling be done?

Primarily for following reasons.

- Accurate estimation of rebar quantity: cost saving

  • Finding the accurate quantity of rebar is always a challenge specially for big size projects
  • Quantities calculated using manual method may vary up to the range of 5-10% that directly impacts the cost of project
  • 3D rebar provides transparent platform for cross verifying the quantities, limiting the variation less than 0.5%.
- Bar bending schedule (BBS): minimizing wastage
  • BBS can be exported from the model in relation with GFCs which can be utilized at site for ordering reinforcement and for cut and bend, and placement of rebar.
  • Requirement for shop drawings of all the structural members can be mitigated and only at select location of complexity, shop drawings can be exported from the model
- 3D visualization of reinforcement placement at complex joint: ease of construction
  • 3D rebar model can be utilized at site to see the fitting of reinforcement
  • Sequence of placing the reinforcement at complex joint can be devised easily

What are the deliverable one can get from 3D rebar modelling?

- 3D rebar model
- Rebar quantity take off sheets
- BBS linked with GFCs
- Shop drawings along with BBS
- Input information to automated cut and bend machine

What are additional advantage, you can get during the process of 3D rebar modelling?

Error free GFC set for construction at site! 3D rebar modelling is a virtual construction where modeller is a constructor. He has to read through all the drawings to model the reinforcement. In this process, many errors, ambiguities and impossibilities are removed from the GFCs which were present initially as modeller proceeds with virtual construction. This definitely saves a lot of site time and money.

Is it expensive to take 3 D rebar modelling services?

Cost of rebar modelling depends upon the size and complexity of the project. But, definitely it's not much compared to the savings one can achieve. It can be as low as INR 0.50 per kg.

Intec Structure team is very efficient in 3D rebar modelling and has completed more than 40,000 ton rebar modelling so far. For any enquiry, kindly write me at vsinghal@intecinfra.com

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